Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Golgotha's Masters of the Universe

See excellent blog here for all things Master of the Universe related: https://battleramblog.com/about/

See Archon’s version of the Masters of the Universe Miniature and Board game rules available here: https://archon-studio.com/downloads

Great link here to the toy castle repainted, see: https://forums.toynewsi.com/forums/topic/2120261-custom-painted-origins-castle-grayskull/

 So what does one do with some terrible miniatures - use them for Masters of the Universe obviously...

So here with the first of the bad batch, see the miniature above on the left-hand side converted into Skeletor's standard bearer and mounted onto a dinosaur-like beast. I enjoyed doing the alien plant life on the base. 

Golgotha's Sci-Fi - Mech Scratch-built Ultra Marine Heavy Walker

 Herewith a Mech, scratch-built as some sort of Ultra Marine Heavy Walker / Giant Robot. Made from bits of toys, spray bottles and various bits and pieces etc. 

Watching this inspired me to give a spray bottle mech build a go see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g28WL8RxYSE&t=8s&ab_channel=mjhobbycorner

See: https://leadadventureforum.com/index.php?topic=124085.30